Contarini Ventures

Contarini Ventures

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Making beloved applications that grow with you.
We love building products that matter in our lives.
We make decisions for the long-term.
We listen to our communities.
We defend user privacy.
We're here to build.

Our Products

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Leap Second. Create the movie of your life.
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Moment Garden. The private place to share your child's life.

Our Team

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Colin Plamondon

I'm a life-long startup guy who loves entrepreneurship, tech, products, history, and reading way, way too many books.
I built my first app "Free Books" when I was 19. It brought together all public domain books into one app and became the #1 Paid Book App on the App Store!
Since then, I co-founded Happier, Checkraise, and consulted for high-growth startups on marketing and product.
Now, I'm buying beloved apps and helping them grow.